Soothing Music for Mother and Child

A Baby's Lullaby – Relaxation Music

This heartbeat-driven music contains ethereal vocals and delicate string arrangements to promote deep relaxation. Use as a relaxation tool while pregnant, listen to the music with your young child to create a bonding experience, or put it on in the nursery to provide a deep sense of security for your newborn.

A Baby's Lullaby was written and composed by German native Chantal Hartmann.
The series contains three volumes – Elation, Senses and Tenderness. Each volume was recorded to a heartbeat, having a soothing effect on the newborn as it is reminiscent of being in the womb.
Relaxation is further encouraged with angelic vocals, delicate string arrangements, flute, piano, harp, and other harmonious sound textures. Vocables – words that have no specific meaning – such as "ayah" and "la da da" are used to replace traditional lyrics, thus catering to all nations by not being bound to any particular language or culture.
It is endorsed by music therapists, doctors and mothers alike.
The complete music series is now available at
Each containing seamless one-hour tracks for the ultimate relaxation experience!
A Baby's Lullaby - Deep Relaxation for Mother and Child - is the perfect gift for baby showers,
or a gift for your personal enjoyment!


“As a doctor and a mother of three, I know how important it is to emit peace and balance and to pass it on to others. A Baby´s Lullaby does just that and it has enchanted all of us! My daughter loves this music, especially when falling asleep. Even during vacation trips, this CD is a must bring item.” Dr. A. Wagner


“I use this wonderful music during therapy sessions with children. Even my most difficult kids with ADD state they experience inner warmth and security while listening to this music.”
Karin Heidrich, Sound and Music Therapist


“I gave this CD box set as a gift to my pregnant friend to accompany a flower bouquet. She likes these CDs very much, including the beautiful design. A perfect gift for baby shower parties!”
Rebecca Lehmann, Florist


"The music is like being inside a warm and beautiful cave!"
Maximilian, 6 years old



Angelic Vocal Melodies, Strings, Harp, Flute and Harmonious Sound Textures float amongst
a Subtle Heartbeat to create a Calm and Dreamlike Atmosphere


1 La Dai Da
2 Da Laila
3 Baada Dam
4 Ahijee
5 Leeja Dia Hu
6 Nai Da Dai
7 Ayah
8 Mahanaja
9 Elation NONSTOP
10 Elation MEDLEY


1 Lahaa
2 Lah Ija Ija
3 Ana Lehjae
4 Tuluun
5 Cadalu
6 Baja Bajam
7 Salea
8 Deeja Di
9 Senses NONSTOP
10 Senses MEDLEY


1 Ana Lu
2 Tamahaa
3 Enalee
4 Alahee
5 Aliah
6 Sualee
7 Ana Dia Dee
8 Saleen
9 Tenderness NONSTOP
10 Tenderness MEDLEY


Chantal Hartmann

Chantal Hartmann is a producer, composer, arranger, singer, songwriter and performer. Chantal was born and raised in the Black Forest of Southern Germany. Here she attended the Music Academy from the young age of five focusing on voice, piano and violin. Her father was a conductor and singer in several choirs, thus developed her love of singing and arranging from a very young age.
Chantal has been featured on several albums, television shows and commercials throughout Europe, and contributes both musically and artistically as a composer and arranger for various artists.

Chantal has several international releases, including
Yoga Meditation and Buddha Beats. With her latest release,
A Baby's Lullaby - Deep Relaxation for Mother and Child,
Chantal takes the listener to far away places with layers of vocal textures
and melodic instrumentation under a subtle heartbeat
to create an extraordinary musical work.
She has written, produced, and performed the entire A Baby’s Lullaby series,
and sincerely hopes that these soothing lullabies will bring a sense of peace,
joy and relaxation to all who listen.



“With the flood of information and stimuli that surrounds us, we increasingly lose touch with our inner voice.

That’s why I created a language that neither distracts nor narrates a story, but instead encourages you, the listener, to discover your natural slumbering power through imagination and emotion.

I embrace you and your baby with my music and wish you a bright and inspired future!“